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Insper Institute of Education and Research

Rua Quatá 300, Office 720

São Paulo– SP, Brazil, 04546-042


Research interests: Banking, Household Finance, Development Economics


Working Papers

Speed of payment in procurement contracts: the role of political connections [Paper version February 2020]

The role of restructuring in bank M&As: evidence from branch-level data (with Lucas Mariani) [Paper version March 2023] 

Banks' physical footprint and financial technology adoption (with Lucas Mariani and José Renato Ornelas [BCB WP version and IDB WP version April 2023] [Summary: World Bank All About Finance, IDB Ideas Matter, and BBC Brasil


The impact of household debt on labor supply (with Nelson Camanho, Toni dos Santos and Jesús Gorrín)

The labor market effects of a credit crunch (with Marco Bonomo, Cecilia Machado and Bruno Martins)


Export side effects of wars on organized crime: The case of Mexico (with Jesús Gorrín and José Morales-ArillaJournal of International Economics [Paper version March 2023]

Publication in Refereed Brazilian Journal

Idiosyncratic Moments and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns in Brazil, Brazilian Review of Econometrics, Vol. 36, 2, 255-286, 2016. (with Caio Almeida and Cristina Tessari) [Paper]





Bernardo Ricca



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